First you DO NOT PAY until the site goes live, and you do not pay for design up front.


It is not free, see it as a payment plan. Also, we provide you with FACEBOOK and TWITTER templates so all your ONLINE MEDIA will have the same look and feel.


REPORTING on your site performance is done once a month, this includes SEO (search engine Optimiseation) and visitors so you know what is happening, and you can adjust your marketing accordingly.


Our QR CODES are traceable, this means you can see per campaign e.g. paper, fb, etc.  which ones are performing the best, again we provide reports on this.


Same applies for SHORT CODES. We use 061.bz as the domain. (061 is the AU country code)


Our sites are CUSTOM BUILD, not "cookie cutter".


You can CHANGE ANY PAGE content using a web browser, similar to WP but without the hassle of becoming a WP admin. You can do this anytime anywhere any place... even on your tablet.


Depending on the plan you choose, you get GRAPHIC DESIGNS included, this means that all your brochures, bags, flyers, business cards and what other type of designs you can think off are included.


You pay for the printing only, which we can do for you or you pick your own printer.


Pretty straight forward, we want you to focus on YOUR business, and we make the online OUR business.

MEET THE TEAM Let us help you launch your ideas.






I am the driving force behind the company, as a graphical and visual minded individual.

I bring with me the skills to make your apparel stand out.

I have worked for the fortune 500 companies as a graphical designer and specialist. That experience I will apply to your graphical requirements and design.





Part-time back seat driver


I have worked nationally and internationally as a business consultant for over 20 years,

I got frustrated with seeing businesses like you not reaching its full potential.


I do not claim knowing your business, but I do bring with me a wealth of experiences

in different industries.





Contractor relations


As the lead solution provider, I review your situation and envision a solution for it.

You would already have a working business but want to push it a little further.


I am in charge of ensuring all our people work in harmony.



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